...and welcome! I am the owner, designer, and editor behind Dani Sam Designs. Originally from Los Angeles, but now call San Diego home. I love coffee, tea, cute fluffy dogs, and am a total type nerd.

What’s in a name?  Everything.


Not only is Dani Sam an acronym for my tagline, it also happens to be my name.  I am a self-taught graphic designer who freelanced as a hobby whilst working for various companies as an administrative assistant.  After so many years of slaving away in a cubicle, realizing how utterly sad and unfulfilling my nine-to-five dead-end job was, I decided to quit in the fall of 2014.  The burning desire to pursue my dreams of creating beautiful art for print and web was just too strong to ignore.  It is this undying love for the craft that has driven me to dabble in the world of graphic design.  Over the years, my passion for pretty paper has lead me to create unique and stunning party invitations, gift packaging, and stationery.  With a keen eye for details and a natural aesthetic sense, I enjoy nothing more than collaborating with clients and other creatives in making amazing stuff…well, except vacationing on some exotic island, eating fine foods, and spoiling my two furry-four-legged-tail-wagging babies.

For more info, follow me on Instagram where I share, in addition to my work, bits and pieces of my personal life.